Compassion Circles are a Highly Structured Technique to Create a Richer, Shared Human Community Experience

Compassion Circles are designed to shift teams, organizations, and communities.

From delivering transactions to GROWING RELATIONSHIPS.
From exclusion to INCLUSION.
From isolated individuals to GROUP COHESION.
From feeling alone to FEELING TOGETHER.
From “I don’t care” to EVERYONE NEEDS CARE.
From “I don’t matter” to EVERYONE MATTERS.
From frustration and block to COMPASSIONATE FLOW.

This is 2-day training for people passionate about promoting a dialogue around compassion and thereby becoming part of a wave of compassion throughout health and social care in the UK.  Within this training participants will explore:

• Host leadership and making warm invitations
• The practice of equality
• The deeper meaning of dialogue
• The 3 ‘compassion creating’ habits (listening, asking and thanking)
• Powerful appreciation

The training will include:

• Experience of a 1 hour ‘Compassion Circle’
• Learning about skilfully leading dialogue rounds and pairs work|
• Developing an understanding of both the practical and philosophical differences between Debate, Discussion, and Dialogue
• Practice of embodying the underlying values of the work – walking your talk
• Gaining foundational competence in setting up and leading a 1 hour ‘Compassion Circle’ from invitation to follow-up

As a result of the training: 

Compassion Circles will be expertly hosted and facilitated offering regular safe space for reflection on care for self and compassion for others

This training will be supported by online learning materials so that as well as the confidence you develop within the training days in person you will be well resourced to revise, refocus and re-inspire yourself as you set up your first and subsequent ‘Compassion Circle’ sessions.  There will be pre-and post-reading and follow-up group calls to support you in establishing your first circle.

12 Parcipitants