LivingWorks Asist, Safetalk Trainer , Founder Member Devon & Torbay
Suicide Prevention Alliance and Recovery Devon


I have been working in mental health social care since 1996 and have had a number of experiences of supporting people who were having thoughts of suicide and I am grateful that no one suicided. Because of my work experience it was in 2014 that I was asked to support a family member who was having thoughts of suicide and who eventually suicided. I have experienced the after effects that the sudden loss of a loved one has on family and friends. It is this experience that has motivated me to get involved in suicide prevention across Devon.

In 2015 with my friend and colleague Marie Ash and I co-founded the Devon and Torbay Suicide Prevention Alliance (DTSPA). The ethos of collaboration, working in partnership, cutting across the imaginary lines between statutory, none statutory and communities to make suicide prevention in Devon ‘Happen’.

I am a Livingworks Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) and   SafeTalk trainer based in the North of the county and liaising across Devon and Torbay.

“It’s Happening”