Transformative Coach & Facilitator


My joy comes from living in the simplicity of the understanding of where our human experience comes from. It is what drives how I work. I start by pointing people towards their innate wellbeing and how that gets clouded by their thinking – by the stories they make up about themselves which they then choose to believe as true because our thinking always feels real to us. And sometimes the ‘clouds’ of our thinking are very stormy and feel threatening and dangerous but, if we remember, they too will pass and the ‘sunlight’, the feeling of wellbeing, returns because that’s the way we are designed, as human beings.

As I help people to drop more deeply into the understanding that they are living in the feeling of their thinking, that we are all the creators of our moment-by-moment experience and that it is not others or our circumstances that are making us feel a particular way, we naturally have less on our minds and start to see ourselves and our situation differently. We have more clarity and we can see greater possibilities in how to meet our particular situation.

Seeing the transformative nature of this understanding and the increased joy and peace of mind that it brings to others, sets my heart alight.

About you and skills


⇒ I am a father of 4 and a grandpa to Theo. Live in Dartington, Devon and work with clients from around the world. I like working with parents and children and since my Men’s Initiatory Journey in 2011 I have a particular interest in working with men who want to achieve their full potential from a place of emotional wellbeing.

⇒ Teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1991

⇒ Life coach since 2006 – trained at the Institute of Human Development

⇒ 3 Principles -based facilitator since 2016