How do I coach?


My main focus is helping you see that your thoughts and feelings are creating the experience you are having.  Understanding the role of your thoughts means you can be less gripped by the things that are holding you back and access a deeper sense of passion and insight.

This approach is not the same as most other coaches – but it’s not unique.  Organisations such as Insight Principles have been using this approach for years (based on the work of Sydney Banks).  It’s also a basic view from the Buddhist psychology that I have been studying for many years.

Combining this approach with my many years of experience as a marketing consultant, trainer,  health and meditation coach I help my clients:

• Clarify their goals

• Understand for themselves what may be holding them back

• Plan to achieve success in whatever form that takes

• Stay focussed

• Normally this takes the form of:

• An initial two-hour session, which is complimentary

• Agreeing a tailored coaching programme