Orchid Community and Associates can provide a range Independent fully insured and registered social workers and therapeutic practitioners from a range of disciplines.

We also have years of community development/consultancy experience and are connected through various networks

We specialise, but not exclusively working with children and families from multicultural backgrounds. We are consulting and special advisers to local authorities, Police service, Fostering and Adoption teams Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Schools, Safeguarding Boards and Social work teams’ practitioners

We are keen to work with: 

• Unaccompanied children
• Privately fostered Children
• School aged Children
• Children at boarding schools
• Children at FE Colleges and universities
• Fostered Children
• Adopted Children
• Care Leavers
• Families

Roles context and purpose

• To advise safeguarding boards work with key partners to build on strategic community interventions regarding safeguarding across cultural diversity
• To work collaboratively within the statutory and voluntary sector, providing a consultancy role, attending meetings providing advice making referrals where necessary especially with mental health services
• To provide some case work support to the All social teams and to other child care teams where relevant where there may be cross cultural concerns
• To fulfil the statutory responsibility of raising awareness of Safeguarding across cultures engaging communities, Black Minority Ethnic groups, religious groups etc., liaising with faith and community leaders
• Community development support through networks
• Hospitality reconnecting or experiences in the natural environment
• Advice and training around Cultural Diversity and Care
• Form F Assessments for fostering teams and prospective Foster carers


Location:     International, Countrywide, Countywide – Devon