In 2006, Ubuntu Community Services was launched offering services to Multicultural families predominately in Devon. It was commissioned to write a paper by a domestic violence charity to highlight working with Cultural Diversity. A director and Associate wrote a chapter in a book and various forms of consultancy and lecturing were also undertaken. Whilst still embodying the spirit of Ubuntu, which focused on the diversity of the human family, Ubuntu Community services evolved into Orchid Community and in 2016, two directors formed Orchid Community and Associates Ltd(OCA) trading as Orchid Community and Associates.

In 2017 all Suicide prevention work moved from Orchid Community to Suicide Safer Communities CIC and the into Action To Prevent Suicide CIC.

Orchid Community and Associates closed the Limited company in 2018 and now trades as Orchid Community and Associates, we have a collaborative partnership with the Apricot Centre wellbeing service and we offer a range of training courses, consultancy and wellbeing service.

We collaborate with a range of diverse practitioners in response to the issues that are in our local community and society.


Why Orchid:


Our Connection to the diversity of humanity, and the of the beauty found diversity in nature is symbolised by the orchid flower.

Hence our chosen name Orchid.

The orchid family is one of the largest groups of flowering plants on the planet. They can be found on every continent except Antarctica and in almost every conceivable habitat. With around 30,000 species growing in the wild and well over 120,000 man-made hybrids there is no shortage of choice in the orchid world!

The highest numbers of orchids grow in the rainforests, loving the humidity and shade provided by these environments. Not all orchids like hot conditions, though and many need cooler climates, as where they grow is at high altitudes in the mountains where the temperatures can drop very low at night.
As forest dwelling plants, many orchids grow as ‘epiphytes’, which means that they grow on the trees, clinging on with thick aerial roots and storing water in either fleshy leaves or thickened stems called ‘pseudobulbs’. There are also many orchids that grow in the ground, including our own native British species and these are known as ‘terrestrials’. Some orchids even grow on rocks and these are called ‘lithophytes’.

The orchid family is certainly the most diverse group of plants with so many various shapes, sizes, colours and patterns of their stunning and often extraordinary blooms. Whatever your taste in flowers, there is certainly something for everyone in the orchid kingdom. To grow and nurture an orchid plant takes great care, time, patience, dedication and love. It is an act of service. When an orchid is in its leaf state it is thriving and when it flowers it uses much energy and flowers for a long time in the right environmental conditions.

So is it with a human being at whatever age. Therefore, at Orchid Community and Associates, we will focus on training /consultancy and wellbeing to support understanding, healing and recovery




The nature of community with a sense the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common. The word “community” derives from the Old French comuneté, which comes from the Latin communitas “community”, “public spirit” (from Latin communis, “shared in common”). The instill the vocational aspect of public and private service. The ability to respond(responsibility), to the needs of the community with collaboration rather than competition.




Associates from Latin associatus “join with,” sociare “unite with,” from socius “companion”. Related: Associated; associating.
In our professional and private lives, we have met many people aspiring to work in in a person centred way. Demonstrating their self -compassion and compassion for others. Led by their hearts and minds to respond to the needs that arise. Through our networks, we are affiliated and associated with other individuals, businesses and services. We too work with a range of highly qualified associates, who together a professional responsive service based on CARE

• Compassion
• Acceptance
• Respect
• Empathy

We are a private limited company. As time goes by we intend to re-invest a percentage of profits into community sponsorships and initiatives. We and our associates where appropriate and needed carry Public Liability insurance and professional indemnity for their given professions. We also adhere, were appropriate our associates will have a Disclosure and Barring Service check(DBS) and work, to the values and ethics of professional bodies, that we are registered to.


Our Mission


Relationships and social bonding through connection is the key to all forms of healing and a sense of wellbeing. Utilising our professional and private networks. We seek to respond and serve the requests from individuals and organisations alike. We work collaboratively offering services, which will value people with a  caring response. Our services are based on goodwill in action. We will strive to compassionately to reconnect people to their sense of wellbeing, reducing social isolation and loneliness. We also seek to reconnect people back to their true nature through their environments and all kingdoms of nature.